ClickMagick Support is Top Notch

ClickMagick is a click tracking service used by thousands of internet marketers because of it’s features and ease of use.

My website track member’s transaction on clickbank, jvzoo and other networks, then update their clickmagick statistics through postback URL.

The problem occurs when my website tracked a refund/chargeback,  i need to post this negative amount back to member’s clickmagic statistics. Clickmagick didn’t allow this, post data with negative value was simply be ignored.

I wrote a suggestion through their form and i received a response from Patrick Kelly, a very friendly dude, knowledgeable, know exactly what i want since the very first email. Definitely not a virtual assistance.

My very uncommon request was heard and executed in four day straight.

While some other companies might not even response to my request, or simply responding “Sorry, this is how we do it. Don’t like it? GTFO!”

Here’s how the Global Postback URL works:

Say someone ordered a product from you, this is the postback url used to update your clickmagick stats:[USERID]&amt=1.23&s1=[CLICKID]&s2=&s3=&s4=&s5=&ref=receiptid

You will need your clickmagic userid (not username), transaction value, clickmagick’s clickid and receipt number.

That code there will record the transaction you can see on your link statistics.

Now the user is not satisfied and asked for refund, you processed the refund, and got notified by clickbank or any payment processor you use.

You need to use this code to update your clickmagick statistics:[USERID]&amt=-1.23&s1=[CLICKID]&s2=&s3=&s4=&s5=&ref=receiptid

Everything is the same as the first link, with exception of amt variable value. It’s -1.23 now instead of 1.23

However it simply didn’t work. Transaction is not recorded on clickmagick, thus making your stat inaccurate and could made you purchase some more traffic from your source without a good result.

Now that Patrick has some update made to the system, your stats will be accurate again. Transaction with negative value is recorded and processed on clickmagick. It will delete the corresponding transaction.

Note: It must have same ref value, and same absolute value for amt variable.

At the end of our conversation Patrick said “Thanks for your help”, and i replied “My help? What help? It’s you who helped me.” (for making this feature available)

This is the last email i received:


You helped us make ClickMagick even better, so thanks! 🙂

Patrick @ ClickMagick”

Wow, it is nice to be heard and appreciated.

Thanks clickmagick, Patrick, for listening to your customers and act super fast 🙂

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