How a Thank You Page Could Decrease Refund Rate and Increase Sales

Do you know that a thank you page could decrease refund rate and increase sales?

Thank you page shouldn’t be looking so plain and boring. Someone just give you their money and you give them nothing but “Your credit card or bank statement will show a charge by …” and “Click Here To Continue” button? I’ll shake their hand and give them a big hug when someone give me money on real life.

Clickbank Thank You Page Guide

Affiliate networks like clickbank, jvzoo and some others pass variables to your thank you page. This is mainly used to verify if transaction is valid.

However You can use those variables for other purpose. Those variables usually consist of these:
– transaction id
– product id
– name
– email
– price
– affiliate id

When sending email to your list, to be friendly to our subscribers, We use “Hi FirstName!” instead of just “Hi!” right? There’s no reason we can’t use it on a thank you page so the customer feels welcomed. Use “Thank You FirstName!” instead of simple “Thank You!”

Tell the customer what product he just bought, what the benefits are, how to get the product and how to proceed.

If it is your front end product then you can shortly explain your up sell offer so they could be prepared and keep their wallet on their hand instead of putting it back to the drawer.

I put and image of a platinum badge on my thank you page when customer purchased a platinum membership.

You can get it even merrier by placing animated image of exploding birthday balloon to congratulate them. For what? For making the right decision and purchase your product.

If you are a single person, use singular instead of plural terms when describing yourself. It will make the whole sales process more personal.

Try it and let me know how it goes for you.

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